Open Call Results!

DesignFinder 2018
Open Call Round Results!

The first round of DesignFinder 2018 has been a rousing success, and we received more than 160 submissions. We are extremely pleased with the turnout and the quality of the submissions in general.

Now, however, it’s time to crown those Top 16 who outdid their peers — and who’ll now proceed into Round 2 where they’ll be given 4 days (from the 18th, today, to the 22nd of June) to create their best fantasy location. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing something equally epic in those – and at this point, it’s worth a reminder to the Top 16 candidates. Your entries will be revealed on the June 26!

Without further ado, here are the Top 16 and their entries. Each entry is linked to a Forum post where you can see, and discuss the individual entry.

Feel free to check them out and comment on them. You’ll also be able to see the comments from each judge.  🙂

Remember to congratulate them for making it through a pack of 160 people. 🙂

Head over to the FORUMS to discuss!

For the contestants: Please remember not to discuss your locations (next rounds’ entries) until after voting on that round is complete (July 3rd), as it could lead to disqualification. You’re free to discuss your items as much as you want, however.

Pockets of Passing
Bryce Cahill, Mt. Vernon – USA
Bottle of the Salvaged Wreck
Chris Harrell, Laurel – USA
Skitterstep Boots
Christopher M. Dailey, Atlanta – USA
Gloves of Deluge
Dylan Topping, Toronto – Canada
Elysian Harp
Jaimee Kimberley, Gisborne – New Zealand
Smuggler’s Uhi
Jeff Collins, Salem – USA
Lens of Completion
Jeffrey Scott Nuttall, Pasadena – USA
Gloves of Sublime Gesticulation
Joe Kondrak, Minneapolis – USA
Pernicious Poet’s Pen
Matt Roth, Somerset – USA
Flustering Blouse
Maxwell C. Atkins, Baltimore – USA
Ravelling Tunic
Nathan Ross, Brisbane – Australia
Volcano Stompers
Nicholas Hite, Austin – USA
Ghostly Bracers
Nikolaï Samarine, Eysins – Switzerland
Lionheart Gorget
Reed Salisbury, Gig Harbor – USA
Cinderform Mantle
Rudy Francis Gauthier, Raleigh – USA
Statesman’s Top Hat
Stephen Michael Kosey, New Carlisle – USA

And for the contestants: This is where you can find the rules for Round 2!