Round 2 Results!

And with that, Round 2 is now over,  and the results are in.

Congratulations to all the people who went on to Round 3. Now it’s time to step up your game, as you put your best work forward to creating a villain. This has a deadline of the 6th of July.

For the contestants: Please remember not to discuss your locations (next rounds’ entries) until after voting on that round is complete (July 16th), as it could lead to disqualification. You’re free to discuss your previous submissions as much as you want, however.

Evermist Summit
Bottle of the Salvaged Wreck
Chris Harrell, Laurel – USA

The Sporewood
Skitterstep Boots
Christopher M. Dailey, Atlanta – USA
The Town of Roswin
Lens of Completion
Jeffrey Scott Nuttall, Pasadena – USA
Shrine of the Obsidian Spider
Gloves of Sublime Gesticulation
Joe Kondrak, Minneapolis – USA
The Forsaken Mission
Pernicious Poet’s Pen
Matt Roth, Somerset – USA
Wealwood Manor
Ravelling Tunic
Nathan Ross, Brisbane – Australia

Embracing Bower Monastery and Skinfin Grotto
Volcano Stompers
Nicholas Hite, Austin – USA

Abandoned Mine at Drakes Bite Gorge
Cinderform Mantle

Rudy Francis Gauthier, Raleigh – USA

And for the contestants: This is where you can find the rules for Round 3!