Round 4 Rules

Round 4: Submit an Adventure Proposal

Write a 1,500-word pitch for the adventure you plan to publish if you win the DesignFinder talent search contest.

The intention is to publish the adventure outlined in the submission, so make sure what you present is not only popular with the general audience, but also publishable by Publishing. Publishing reserves the rights to make changes to the adventure during the editing phase, and will work with the chosen winner to develop the best possible adventure product.

The adventure will be 8,000-12,000 words, which is about 24 pages (including map and other elements).

Your proposal should take the form of an outline for an adventure appropriate for Level 3-7 characters. It should be based in the location you created in Round 2 (that location may be tweaked to reflect feedback from judges and voters but should maintain the core of that idea; if it weren’t good enough, you likely wouldn’t have advanced past that round).

Your proposal should accomplish the following two tasks:

  1. Convince the judges that you have the stuff to provide a logical, exciting, sales-generating adventure.
  2. Garner the votes of the general public, who vote on the adventure they would most like to see published.

Accomplish this in no more than 1,500 words. If you don’t have to use that many words, don’t. Make sure you pitch an adventure you believe you are both able and excited to write, and make sure it isn’t be boring.

The following topics are to be considered mandatory:

  1. The adventure’s proposed title, which should grab a reader and make him or her want to run or play the adventure.
  2. The recommended starting level of the adventure (which must be between 3rd and 7th).
  3. An outline of the adventure’s overall plot including information on the setup, summaries of important locations in the adventure, a few spotlight encounters (not necessarily all of them fights), important enemies, and one bit of intriguing, original treasure OR the concept of a new monster involved some way with the adventure.

One hint: Your adventure must fit in 8,000 to 12,000 words, and must be appropriate for 3rd- to 7th-level characters. This is about the length of a Pathfinder Society scenario. It may be tempting to aim for something big and epic, but your adventure must fit these limits. This is longer

Proposals are due at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on July 20, 2018. Entries must be submitted through the submission tool at Public voting begins on July 24 and ends on July 30. The winner will be announced July 31. Work will begin immediately with the winner to set up a schedule for the writing, development, editing, and eventual publication of the winning adventure.

Good luck to the Top 4!